Frontbox for FrontPage and Expression Web - continuously developed since 1999


FrontPage components for Expression Web

Frontbox 2015 - Community Edition


  • Navigation View to structure your website
  • Automatically updated navigation bars based on navigation view
  • Component "Page Include" to include content of a page inside another page
  • Components "Banner" and "Date/Time"
  • Advanced navigation bars powered by Frontbox

All these components do not require old-fashioned FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE, no longer supported by Microsoft). In fact, there are no special requirements to the Webserver that hosts your website.


Expression Web Support

Frontbox supports the latest version of Expression Web 4 published by Microsoft (free download). Older versions are no longer supported.

Frontbox Product Box


Latest release: Frontbox CE 2015 (Build 170415) for Expression Web 4



Released under Creative Commons License CC-BY 4.0. Please read the license conditions.

A brief history

Back in 1999 the very first version of Frontbox was realized as a VBA Macro Library. Since it's no so easy to publish such kind of library and reinstall it on a customer's PC, decision was made to transfer this library into a managed Add-in. A year later the first Add-in for FrontPage 2000 was published. With the launch of FrontPage 2003 an updated version of Frontbox was published as well.

After the release of Expression Web, the main goal of Frontbox has been changed. As a result of Microsoft's decision to stop further development of the FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE), support of all so called Webbots were discontinued in Expression Web. Even though only some of these Webbots were based on the FPSE, Microsoft decided to remove all of them from Expression Web. Frontbox now changed to an Add-in that reactivates some of these Webbots, especially those that do not require installed FPSE on the Webserver.